Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hdr versus non-hdr with d700

while leisurely talking to george today at work, i noticed the sun quickly fading and the lights of the genzyme building lighting up, quick chance to grab camera and grab an experimental shot with d700. to hdr or not to hdr - that's what i was wondering and how the camera would process colors.

stock image straight out of the camera (iso200, f/7.1 1/6sec shutter, 0ev)

same image run through photoshop, +40% saturation, +2.5% contrast, +2.5% brightness, +10% gamma

now here's the same image, same settings, bracketed +2/3ev and -2/3ev into hdr:

i actually happen to like the non-hdr version better (processed, not sooc) ... might need to go a little lower iso, testing will continue, this was a 5-min test.