Wednesday, August 6, 2008

history ...

photography. i've been shooting for over 10years now, probably closer to 15. i started out with an old nikon fm100 with just an f/1.4 50mm, all manual, all goodness. in my early days i didn't have the disposable income to buy lenses and a good solid body, but i worked with what i had and slowly moved up to a nikon n65 film slr. i dragged my feet with the digital cameras and finally a number of years ago switched over to a point and shoot and haven't looked back. now my adventures are equipped with a nikon d300 with a sigma f/2.8 18-50mm hsm. it's a good all-around solid lens with little vignetting, decent range and crisp accurate images. i've also recently procured myself a nikon f/2.8 70-200g af-s vr ed-if. there is only one thing to say about this lens, buy one. it is quite pricey, well, it's ridiculously pricey but omg, it's one of the best nikkor's that have ever been made, if not the best. we'll see how well i progress with this kickazz camera/lenses that are well beyond my talents. comment, critique, criticize, enjoy.

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