Monday, December 14, 2009

hdr tidbits in washington dc ...

took a quick trip down to dc late last week/this past weekend and did the tourist thing with the little munch. took a bunch of pictures and two random shots in hdr ... here are the results ... 2/3 +/-ev on both images ... seemed to work out well enough.

sunset at the baltimore inner harbor:

inside the air & space museum from the top floor:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hdr versus non-hdr with d700

while leisurely talking to george today at work, i noticed the sun quickly fading and the lights of the genzyme building lighting up, quick chance to grab camera and grab an experimental shot with d700. to hdr or not to hdr - that's what i was wondering and how the camera would process colors.

stock image straight out of the camera (iso200, f/7.1 1/6sec shutter, 0ev)

same image run through photoshop, +40% saturation, +2.5% contrast, +2.5% brightness, +10% gamma

now here's the same image, same settings, bracketed +2/3ev and -2/3ev into hdr:

i actually happen to like the non-hdr version better (processed, not sooc) ... might need to go a little lower iso, testing will continue, this was a 5-min test.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

time lapse on longfellow bridge boston ...

catching the sun, always catching the last rays of sun. setup camera on westbound side of the longfellow pointed at the zakim bridge just as the sun was setting ...

before, during, and after ...

Monday, October 5, 2009

headlight with last glimpses of light ...

this was one of my most favorite photos of the weekend, it's a headlight off of a harley parked on the corner of arlington and newbury streets, sun was setting and caught bits of the chrome.

shot with d700 with f/2.8 70-200mm @ iso200, magical how well that sensor works with the fleeting light ...

two musicians playing at sunset ...

playing within about 50 feet of each other, two musicians in the common as the sun was starting to set ...

mini protest in boston commons ...

while trekking around boston yesterday with the gear, amidst the komen walk, abortion rally and other random happenings around boston, quietly near the part street t-station was the weekly gathering of chinese americans protesting the communist regime and humanity issues ... this woman just stood there quietly for quite a while, had to snap a photo ...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

got some more ...

decided late last week to get an additional body, ordered a d700 and thanks to adorama camera it literally was delivered the next day without overnight shipping. not much to say, hundreds of reviews out there ... i just need to say the shutter sound is just awesome and matted to my nikkor f/2.8 70-200, it's just perfect (aside from a bit heavy)

(shot with my d300)

first attempt @ time lapse photography video ...

i've seen numerous videos on flickr etc and that are composites of multi-framed shots combined into a video. sure i can use a video camera or have bought a dslr with video capability, but frankly i'm not a huge fan and that seems - too straight forward/easy for my geeky-self?

went out in boston today, my first attempt at composite/elapse photography video, picked the corner of the copley plaza hotel pointing at boylston street and the boston library. this was 606 frames shot over a period of 30 mins at 3-second intervals.

all settings were maintained at iso200, f/12, with the d300 @ 18mm on a tripod. i shot in aperture mode, left the shutter speed to the camera as the light conditions slightly changed with passing clouds, etc

no post processing of the images themselves, they were sent into imovie to be combined at 1/10th of a second/frame, here's the result (original files were not re-sized, imovie imported them as-is 4300+ pixels each, quicktime movie file is much higher quality) ...

couple of lessons learned ... not touching the camera, I did a few times - be it with my foot touching the tripod, hand resting on the neck strap or whatever ... need to bring a stop-watch, was using my iphone that proceeded to get very hot ... going to try some night photography with this instead next time, but i'm content with my first pass results.

Monday, September 28, 2009

catch up blog post: caprese salad ...

as part of the kitchen doorknobs end of summer challenge with tomatoes, i subsequently made a variety of things with the tomatoes pictures below. caprese salad was my favorite, because who doesn't love very fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, basil and a tangy balsamic vinaigrette on a muggy hot summer afternoon ... gratuitous close up makes you hungry picture ...

non-photog post, my thoughts on os3.1 for iphone ...

it all started about 2 or so weeks ago, i downloaded the latest version of itunes 9.0 because with all apply hype, i liked the new interface, family sharing and the other bells and whistles the smoked in my face. yeah, that's when it all started. downloaded the package and started the install, all went fine (my iphone was plugged in at the time) when my iphone made some wonky noise. i looked at the screen and i can't remember what it said, but it clearly just had some icon, subsequently it had the "plug your iphone into your laptop to sync or you're fried" icon. i did that. nothing. i tried again, nothing. grumbling and a few hard re-starts, nothing. at this point i didn't really have a choice except to recover my iphone back to factory settings.

very annoyed, thinking i would be losing everything on my iphone, i was partially right.

itunes recovered and reverted my iphone back to its factory settings. there was no personal data on it. luckily i recovered from an iphone backup. still annoyed. it recovered my data, but had to re-install all my apps.

45 mins later. it's still installing. it finally finished about 25 mins later. finally have my phone back. slight bit of relief, but still quite annoyed. and now i've got itunes9 and iphone os3.1; i thought all was well aside from the minor inconvenience.

had to take a hop to the west coast, iphone starts to act wonky again, a bit sluggish, re-boot it twice, it seems ok - false hope. phone proceeds to freeze ... i.e. pushing the home button does nothing. did i mention nothing? pushing the home button repeatedly does nothing. pushing the top screen on/off button does nothing, absolutely nothing. after trying a few more times, i give up. 30 seconds later the screen lights up ... what's going on? swipe the slider and everything seems ok ... that is until i push the mail icon, screen freezes again, nothing. try to push the home button and the camera sound goes off, it's taking a picture, of what? nothing. do it again, camera sound goes off again, whiskey tango foxtrot. lather, rinse, repeat. come to find out i took 25 screen shots of my phone without using the home/top button combination. finally able to get out of it, so i shut it down and reboot it. all is well, for the time being. of course this happens again and again.

i'm not sure what is up. it hasn't happened for about a week - seriously what's up apple with os3.1, seriously. questioning whether or not to download the mms upgrade, i havent been this annoyed at this phone, but i am. rant over.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

#1 animal style ...

I can't really complain ... it's been odd that the last few trips to LA I haven't fed my In & Out addiction ... well I decided not to pass it up this round before the awful flight back ....

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Brilliant tip of the day ...

Them Hooters folks are pretty smart ...

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Umm yeah bumper boats ...

... equals bad idea, Patrick is soaked, attacked by a bunch of 7 year oldsters ....

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

what to do with tomatoes ...

summer is rolling to an end and unfortunately, this summer's increased amounts of rain is taken it's toll on tomatoes. haven't seen as much of a selection at farmer's market's until this week, the 3rd week in august. i won't complain too much though because i was able to get quite the selection - now i must figure out what delicious summer recipes to make with all of these.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great day for a round of golf ...

.... mini golf that is challenged by the little munch!!!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finale, birthday cake ...

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7th course, fried spicy squid

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6th course, shrimp/pork fried rice

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5th course, Peking duck with buns

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4th course, Panko fish filet with chili sauce

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3rd course, garlic shrimp

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2nd course, hot spicy basil clams

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1st course, asparagus crab soup

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Banh mi so 1 / Westminster CA

Vietnamese sammy shop, my brother had to pick some sammies up, they had a buffet, complete with caramel spicy clay pot catfish mmmmmmm looks tasty but I didn't get any ...

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Fried egg, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, & ricotta


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At AXE in Venice

What to have, what to have ...

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chuck E Cheese isn't always insane ....

As a parent, I usually dread going to this giant people trap with the "other" mouse ... but I will say, at 9am on a Saturday morning when they just open up, it's quite fun. Only one other child here, lots of running room and you can play whatever you want without elbowing others ...
Doesn't hurt that there are employes running around testing all the machines and there's an abundance of free tickets too ...
Carter loves Deal or No Deal

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Friday, July 17, 2009

It's lunch time!

I guess I am still not accepting of this gorgeous warm weather yet after weeks of rain, glad it's here and I am not working today. Sitting down to enjoy lunch outside .... wondering why everyone who works at the Weathervane in Kittery has an accent and is from Eastern Europe, it's like a bus just pulled up and everyone got jobs!!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

blueberry peach tart ...

tastes of summer, for this month's doorknob challenge, i made a blueberry peach tart. i just had a slice of it, absolutely delicious. brown-sugar, ginger, cinnamon syrup instead of regular sugar/cinnamon combo. thumbs up also for the silicon tart pan instead of metal, it doesn't stick, holds form and absolutely great cooking medium, crust browns perfectly.

to view the entire recipe (instead of having to re-write it here), follow over to the kitchen doorknob blog

Friday, July 3, 2009

Posterous test posting ...

.... test posting to check out connections to other linked sites ... hooo-rah.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

heathrow terminal 5 perspective ...

i had some time to kill recently while sitting at heathrow terminal 5 - the british airways terminal. it's got some great trusses, angles, structures, repeating architecture and of course with a ton of time on my hands and nothing better to do than to capture some of it. post processing consisted of color correction first, b&w conversion, contrast, and brightening.

chicago part 2 ...

a few extra shots from chicago trip, ferris wheel almost looks photoshopped - i think if i test a few different crops on that picture it might be more interesting. post processed the trees to oversaturate, brightening up the greens as much as possible. and two perspectives on the last shot, i can't decide which i like better the color or b&w version...

Friday, June 12, 2009

chicago part 1 ...

it's been quite a busy last month and change. i've spent a lot of time in an airplane, can't say i've been anywhere that exciting, normal jaunts to la, chicago, nyc and the like, that and the small hop through london to get to bahrain in a weekend. lots of pictures though during this time, just haven't had time to process and post them up as well as write about them. this is of course on top of work and photog-clients. here's a start from the chicago trip, this is a 3-frame rough stitch of the chicago skyline. post processing included color correction, saturation, contrast bump, warming polarizer. click for the full-large version which is 11,000+ pixels wide (and 20mb).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the underground rice paper market ...

when i was younger, my aunt or granparents would get these stacks of special rice paper. my cousins and i used to make this concoction of lime juice, lots of very very hot thai chili peppers and soy sauce. recently i was craving these things, it's odd, i know, but i had to have them. my cousin lan didn't know where to get them either so we turn to my aunt, di em (pronounced yee-ahm). anyhow i guess it's not as simple as rolling up to a store or something, telling them how many sheets you'd like and being on your way. nope. it seems these things are only produced in the back alleys and secret basements of the southern california underground (kidding). she calls someone, tells them how much she wants and then picks them up from their house. beelan noted that once these people die or move, my connection is going to be a tad screwed.

unlike normal rice paper (probably the white kind everyone is aware of), this kind is a bit tougher, you have to really wet it with warm water. it's a tad sweet, maybe slight sour/salty. it pairs well with the spicy sauce that it gets dipped in. i honestly have never ever seen it used for anything else, outside of my grandpa making ginormous egg, sausage burritos in the morning once in a while. i can't imagine an eggroll or springroll made of this stuff, a bit too tough. it's a funky, tasty snack, although my concoction this time comprised of a lot too many habanero's, but it is quite tasty. so i was lucky lately, on a trip to the west coast for work, my aunt delivered me some. i guess i should stock up.

Monday, April 20, 2009

two month old abby ...

i seem to love babies, here's 2months or so abby, such a little cutie and a great little subject ...