Thursday, October 16, 2008

a note on snapping daily ...

i haven't posted in a few days, *really* it's been a tad busy, primarily just really tied up at work, unfortunately and i can only take so many pictures of the inside of my office. it got me thinking though, about how i want to shoot daily, but time (and subsequently energy) is just lacking. so as of the past week, i've been trying to pick a theme and just shoot the most random of things. my current theme is "red" as in shoot anything red, or you can twist that and possibly just shoot anything with a red-filter and see the results. it's good practice and you don't have to *think* too much about finding subjects, as i can pretty much find things that are red all over.

a couple of other possible themes to shoot:

  • shoot abc's. day one, find something, anything and many-things that start with the letter "a". day two, find things that start with the letter "b". so on and so forth.
  • pic a color. often times it's very interesting to see things based solely on color, regardless of subject.
  • shoot just clouds, all the time for a week. see the differences in clouds and cloud formations.
  • things that reflect. this could be anything from a bike reflector to the chrome on a wheel or faucet. plastic bottles reflect too.
  • contrast. snap only items with contrasting color, the exit sign leaving your office. painted parking spaces.
  • letters. start with a. end with z. find letters in your life and shoot them.

there are soo many possibilities, and although this post doesn't have pictures associated with them yet (haven't been able to process my red pictures yet), i hope this gives you some ideas.

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