Monday, September 28, 2009

non-photog post, my thoughts on os3.1 for iphone ...

it all started about 2 or so weeks ago, i downloaded the latest version of itunes 9.0 because with all apply hype, i liked the new interface, family sharing and the other bells and whistles the smoked in my face. yeah, that's when it all started. downloaded the package and started the install, all went fine (my iphone was plugged in at the time) when my iphone made some wonky noise. i looked at the screen and i can't remember what it said, but it clearly just had some icon, subsequently it had the "plug your iphone into your laptop to sync or you're fried" icon. i did that. nothing. i tried again, nothing. grumbling and a few hard re-starts, nothing. at this point i didn't really have a choice except to recover my iphone back to factory settings.

very annoyed, thinking i would be losing everything on my iphone, i was partially right.

itunes recovered and reverted my iphone back to its factory settings. there was no personal data on it. luckily i recovered from an iphone backup. still annoyed. it recovered my data, but had to re-install all my apps.

45 mins later. it's still installing. it finally finished about 25 mins later. finally have my phone back. slight bit of relief, but still quite annoyed. and now i've got itunes9 and iphone os3.1; i thought all was well aside from the minor inconvenience.

had to take a hop to the west coast, iphone starts to act wonky again, a bit sluggish, re-boot it twice, it seems ok - false hope. phone proceeds to freeze ... i.e. pushing the home button does nothing. did i mention nothing? pushing the home button repeatedly does nothing. pushing the top screen on/off button does nothing, absolutely nothing. after trying a few more times, i give up. 30 seconds later the screen lights up ... what's going on? swipe the slider and everything seems ok ... that is until i push the mail icon, screen freezes again, nothing. try to push the home button and the camera sound goes off, it's taking a picture, of what? nothing. do it again, camera sound goes off again, whiskey tango foxtrot. lather, rinse, repeat. come to find out i took 25 screen shots of my phone without using the home/top button combination. finally able to get out of it, so i shut it down and reboot it. all is well, for the time being. of course this happens again and again.

i'm not sure what is up. it hasn't happened for about a week - seriously what's up apple with os3.1, seriously. questioning whether or not to download the mms upgrade, i havent been this annoyed at this phone, but i am. rant over.

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