Sunday, October 4, 2009

first attempt @ time lapse photography video ...

i've seen numerous videos on flickr etc and that are composites of multi-framed shots combined into a video. sure i can use a video camera or have bought a dslr with video capability, but frankly i'm not a huge fan and that seems - too straight forward/easy for my geeky-self?

went out in boston today, my first attempt at composite/elapse photography video, picked the corner of the copley plaza hotel pointing at boylston street and the boston library. this was 606 frames shot over a period of 30 mins at 3-second intervals.

all settings were maintained at iso200, f/12, with the d300 @ 18mm on a tripod. i shot in aperture mode, left the shutter speed to the camera as the light conditions slightly changed with passing clouds, etc

no post processing of the images themselves, they were sent into imovie to be combined at 1/10th of a second/frame, here's the result (original files were not re-sized, imovie imported them as-is 4300+ pixels each, quicktime movie file is much higher quality) ...

couple of lessons learned ... not touching the camera, I did a few times - be it with my foot touching the tripod, hand resting on the neck strap or whatever ... need to bring a stop-watch, was using my iphone that proceeded to get very hot ... going to try some night photography with this instead next time, but i'm content with my first pass results.

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