Wednesday, August 6, 2008

hdr test and tune ...

while i thoroughly enjoy taking standard single or maybe multi framed shots, i became self-aware and subsequently self-educated on the topic of shooting hdr. you can wikoogle it to learn more. testing and tuning (with a recently purchased phottix n8 wireless remote) i'm finding it a lot more difficult to shoot than the examples and posters i found on the interwebs make it out to be. three-frame starting at f/2.8, 50mm, iso400, 4/3ev with +1/3ev and -1/3ev. hdr's are crisper, sometimes a tad too saturated, but certainly produces great results in detail.


one up:

one down:

hdr combined:

photoshop [supposedly] corrected of hdr, higher blue vals than necessary in my opinion:

i actually tried the same sequence at higher f/-stops and results in hdr turned out not so good, more color saturation and added graininess due to required longer shutter speeds.

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