Friday, August 29, 2008

streaming lights in boston ...

i took a walk last night with a few friends and snapped some shots of two of boston's major thoroughfares, storrow drive from the bu cross-bridge and mass pike from atop the king's garage.

while waiting for mike to show up ... messing around with f-stops, this is f/11 @ 34mm, 30sec-exposure, iso200, 0/6ev

a few shots of storrow drive east bound, with john hancock waay in the back.

f/16 @ 27mm, 30sec-exposure, iso200, 0/6ev

f/22 @ 50mm, 20sec-exposure, iso200, 0/6ev

the citgo sign above fenway isn't an easy shot anymore, they replaced the bulbs with led's ... which requires a relatively fast shutter speed to capture the sign properly, but that won't capture anything else. will need to go back and take possibly a multi-shot set of it, one capturing the sign, and then long exposures capturing everything else and see if hdr will merge it even with the off-steps in settings.

f/22 @ 23mm, 55sec-exposure, iso200, 1/3ev

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