Tuesday, September 30, 2008

tuesday play of the day no 13 ...

i'm not sure what i was thinking but when i saw this picture, i went with this approach. don't ask, i just went with it plus i wanted to be bright and cheery since lan's was scccccccccaaaary ;)

- cropped the bottom off
- create new duplicate layer to set the planks to yellow (haha!)
- create new duplicate layer to get the trees a lot greener
- create new duplicate layer to make the hand rails golden instead of brown
- sharpen x2
- flattened

here's the straight out of the camera:


Jonni said...

Love it Patrick. The colors are really awesome and your post-processing is great. Very unique and cool.

laura - dolcepics said...

Wow, cropping it like that totally changes the picture! Neat colour changes and the sharpening is really astonishing. I didn't know the leaves could get that sharp!

Katherine said...

I like the yellow! Very unique~