Monday, September 1, 2008

a drive up to lynn at sunset ...

it's been a crazy weekend, but in keeping with my previous post with boston at night, this afternoon i took a ride into boston for dinner and brought along the camera gear. after dinner, i took a ride up through nahant and up to lynn right in the nick of time for sunset. i was able to take a number of non-hdr as well as hdr shots and am very happy with the results. a few notes:
  • not specifying settings for each shot ... posting a lot of pics today, you can see the full-sized images as well as additional images in my flickr set
  • the wides with a slightly blurred background is probably due to me swapping out the sigma for the straight nikkor 50mm. it's all manual, and the highest f/stop i can get with the d300 and the lens is f/13 ... am thinking about getting a 2nd one, or maybe a 60/65mm to supplement
  • the last of the non-hdr images are long-exposures with the shutter on bulb and released for 1-min+; streaks of light in the sky are ufo's ... aka ... flights landing at logan
  • hdr images are 3-shot bursts, -1/3ev, 0, +1/3ev ... all shots at iso200, f/22 (or f/13 on the 50mm), various shutter times
  • no ps post-processing was done on the hdr's (before or after hdr'ing) ... photomattix took the raw images and this is the result ... i tried a second attempt at photo-adjusting and then hdr'ing and the results were an /epicfail (over-saturation, highlights and shadows were all off, it was an utter mess) ... don't mess with perfection

this shot is a tribute to my cousin lan ... 'cuz thats how she rollz

(there's even one taking off)

and then similar shots, except this time with 3-frame hdr ...

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